Can we play music on board?2023-06-12T08:18:47+00:00

Unfortunately this is not allowed in Amsterdam. What we can offer you is a Silent Disco Set at € 5.50 incl. VAT pp. (total min. € 99, ​​- incl. VAT) on board.

Until what time can we sail?2023-06-12T08:18:48+00:00

We can keep going until the early hours, so there is no set end time.

Can I also rent a sloop in winter?2023-06-12T08:18:48+00:00

Yes, as long as the canals do not freeze over, we sail all year round!

Can we decide to sail longer while the tour is on the way?2023-06-12T08:18:48+00:00

This is sometimes possible (after consultation with the skipper), only if no subsequent trips have been booked.

Do different rates apply during events?2023-06-12T08:18:49+00:00

Yes, adjusted rates apply during events such as King’s Day, GayPride, Sail, etc. Send us a message and we will send you a quote.

Can we bring our own drinks and snacks?2023-06-12T08:18:49+00:00

That is possible and we do not charge a corkage fees on the open boats.

Do you also have children’s life jackets?2023-06-12T08:18:50+00:00

Yes. Please request this in advance and we will ensure that they are on board.

What if it rains?2023-06-12T08:18:50+00:00

Depending on the weather forecast, the Majestic and Royalty can sail with open, half open or closed cover. And in any case, in Amsterdam there is always a bridge nearby for shelter. Options per sloop;

  • Majestic => open sloop – cover 1/3 closed – over 2/3 closed – cover completely closed
  • Royalty => open sloop – cover 1/5 closed – cover 3/5 closed – cover completely closed
  • Friends sloop => open sloop (no cover)
Do you apply any call-out charge for pick-up and drop-off?2023-06-12T08:18:51+00:00

We can arrange pick-up from any location in and around Amsterdam. Within Amsterdam-Centre we do not charge any call-out fee for the sloops, so this is FREE! Outside of the centre we calculate a small amount to / from your location. Just ask us for a quote!

Can I get on and off everywhere?2023-06-12T08:18:51+00:00

Yes. All locations in and around Amsterdam are possible.

How do I reserve a boat?2023-06-12T08:18:51+00:00

After your request for reservation of the boat, you will receive a confirmation from our side. Only then the boat is reserved / booked for you. (NOTE: no confirmation from us = no booking)