Nuts and crisps ***
€ 1.20 pp. per hour

Amsterdam cold platter
(Keurslager meat) platter of cheese & sausage with pickles and mustard:
€ 6.50 pp. (min. 10 people)

Luxury Platter
changing variation of cocktail snacks
€ 9.75 pp. (min. 10 people)

Bitterballen DELUXE
(Lodewyck beef croquettes) freshly made, with mustard (vegetarian croquettes possible)
€ 49 (per 30 pieces) / € 73.50 (per 45 pieces) (napkins included)

Snack mix DELUXE
Van Dobben mini veal croquette, Bourgondiër beef croquette, bamihap, frikandel, Crispy Chicken piece and mini cheese souflé freshly made with mustard & sweet and sour chili sauce
€ 39 (per 24 pieces) (napkins and mustard included)

(Keurslager meat) fresh on board
€ 10,- pp.

Mixed platter of sandwiches
(1 roll + 1 luxury sandwich per person)
€ 10 pp.

Premium homemade Nachos
The best Mexican Nachos freshly prepared Including sauces (Holy Guacamole & Salsa)
€ 9.50 pp. (min. 8 pers.) (napkins included)

fresh on board: mixed pizzas (specified order not possible)
€ 11 pp (min. 8 pers.)

3 skewers chicken saté pp. with prawn crackers, French fries, raw salad and sandwiches
€ 19.50 (min. 8pers.)

Spare ribs
600gr. with fries, raw salad and sandwiches
€ 19,50 pp. (min. 8pers)

Tapas DELUXE **
21 hot and cold snacks, including salads, bread and baguette
€ 23.50 pp. (min. 8 pers.)

Barbecue DELUXE **
(all from Keurslager) BBQ meat, (vegetarian also possible) homemade sauces and salads, bread with garlic butter
€ 24.50 pp. (min.10 pers.)

Hostess (or barbecue) service:
€ 34.50 per hour (only in combination with catering)

* fair use policy
** only possible in combination with drinks package
*** only possible for entire rental period (min. 1.5 hours)