Explore the Amsterdam canals

  • 36 pax

  • Starting rate from 1,5 hour € 235,-

  • Pick up all around the city

  • ZERO emission boats

Get to read to feel no less than Majestic on board of this beautiful sloop, with a capacity of up to 36 passengers. With its 100% electric engine and spacious design, this beauty navigates the Amsterdam canals safely and comfortably. Depending on the weather conditions, the roof can be closed entirely or partly, but don’t be surprised if clouds suddenly decide to make way for Her Majesty!

Prices Majestic2023-06-12T08:18:46+00:00

€ 285,- incl. VAT (9%) for the first 1,5 hour

€ 145,- incl. VAT extra hour

1,5 uur    € 285,- (starting rate)
2 uur       € 358,-
2,5 uur    € 442,50
3 uur       € 527-
3,5 uur    € 611,50
4 uur       € 696,-
5 uur       € 865,-

Prices are incl. VAT (9%)
Excl. € 1,50 pp. (tourist tax)

Adjusted rates / surcharges during events like Kings day, Gay pride, Amsterdam Light Festival etc.

Snacks arrangement2023-06-12T08:18:52+00:00

Nuts and crisps ***
€ 1.20 pp. per hour

Amsterdam cold platter
(Keurslager meat) platter of cheese & sausage with pickles and mustard:
€ 6.50 pp. (min. 10 people)

Luxury Platter
changing variation of cocktail snacks
€ 9.75 pp. (min. 10 people)

Bitterballen DELUXE
(Lodewyck beef croquettes) freshly made, with mustard (vegetarian croquettes possible)
€ 49 (per 30 pieces) / € 73.50 (per 45 pieces) (napkins included)

Snack mix DELUXE
Van Dobben mini veal croquette, Bourgondiër beef croquette, bamihap, frikandel, Crispy Chicken piece and mini cheese souflé freshly made with mustard & sweet and sour chili sauce
€ 39 (per 24 pieces) (napkins and mustard included)

(Keurslager meat) fresh on board
€ 10,- pp.

Mixed platter of sandwiches
(1 roll + 1 luxury sandwich per person)
€ 10 pp.

Premium homemade Nachos
The best Mexican Nachos freshly prepared Including sauces (Holy Guacamole & Salsa)
€ 9.50 pp. (min. 8 pers.) (napkins included)

fresh on board: mixed pizzas (specified order not possible)
€ 11 pp (min. 8 pers.)

Tapas DELUXE **
21 hot and cold snacks, including salads, bread and baguette
€ 23.50 pp. (min. 8 pers.)

Barbecue DELUXE **
(all from Keurslager) BBQ meat, (vegetarian also possible) homemade sauces and salads, bread with garlic butter
€ 24.50 pp. (min.10 pers.)

Hostess (or barbecue) service:
€ 34.50 per hour (only in combination with catering)

* fair use policy
** only possible in combination with drinks package
*** only possible for entire rental period (min. 1.5 hours)

Drinks arrangement2023-06-12T08:18:52+00:00

You can either bring your own Booze, or we can arrange it for you:

Unlimited * beer + 0.0% beer, white / red wine, soda, juices and water.
€ 6.50 per person per hour (ice included)

Unlimited * beer + 0.0% beer, white / red wines, prosecco, soft drinks, various juices, and water. (In Dec. + Jan. + Feb. incl. FREE GLUHWEIN (!))
€ 7.50 pp. per hour (ice included)

Unlimited * beer + 0.0% beer, white / red wines, prosecco, vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, soft drinks, various juices, and water! (In Dec. + Jan. + Feb. incl. FREE GLUHWEIN (!))
€ 11.50 pp. per hour (ice included)

* fair use policy
** only in combination with drinks package
*** only for the entire rental period (min. 1.5 hours)


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    Please meet our enthusiastic crew! These guys (and girl) are more than just experienced skippers. They all know the Amsterdam Canals by heart and like nothing better than showing you their favorite city from the water. So you just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while our crew makes sure you stay safe, and hydrated 😉